Become a Master Closer: Multiply Your Results in Real Estate by Raul Luna

Become a Master Closer: Multiply Your Results in Real Estate

In this Course, You Will Learn:

  • How to INSTANTLY connect with the person you are negotiating with
  • Specific phrases to use with the four different personality types
  • A complete toolbox of questions to ask as soon as you face any objection
  • How to frame offers (this is probably the most valuable part of this course!)
  • How to master massive follow-up actions
And MUCH, MUCH more!

Over 8+ Hours of FIRE Content 🔥🔥🔥


Originally only available for Raul's internal team, he decided it was WAY too valuable to leave on the shelf.

Now available to you on demand. Invest in Yourself, Invest in Your Future!

Take your Real Estate Business to the next level in 2020. Invest in yourself, invest in your future!

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What's the ONE Area You Can Improve that WILL Multiply Your Results?

Let me tell you, this one area won't cost you more time. And it won't cost you more money.

The work to get a qualified lead, and get that lead down the road to the close is the hard part. That is where you spend most of your hard-earned marketing dollars. That is where you spend most of your precious time – sifting leads, evaluating deals, deciding on the ones that are the best for you to pursue.

But what if you could simply close more of the deals you are already pursuing?

  • You won't spend any more money.
  • You won't use up any more time.
  • You don't need to make any new connections.

What it takes is learning some proven techniques and processes that are guaranteed to improve your close ratio.

I guarantee it for two reasons.

  • The first is that I have been using and developing these techniques for two decades. Let me tell you, they flat out work. They work on all deal sizes and all deal types.
  • The second is that I am actually putting my money where my mouth is. If you purchase this course, you get my absolute guarantee that what you learn will work for you, or you get your money back.

So let me ask you, if you could close one additional deal per month in 2020, how much money would that be in your pocket? What if you learned something that helped you close just one new deal in all of 2020 that you wouldn’t have otherwise closed, how much money would that be in your pocket?

It is at least multiples times the amount of money it takes to get this course.

This Master Closer Course will return to you multiples times what you spend on it. I guarantee it, or your money back. Invest in yourself – invest in your future – right now – by clicking on the button below.
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